Job Leader

We find your dream job as well as great employees.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

How to choose the best JOB?

Step 1

Find your dream position

Search current job offers and if something is interesting for you contact us. Every cabdidate is given personal attention and you can lean on us from teh beginning of teh process until successful entry to your new job.

Step 2

Reply to the job advertisement

The advantage of looking for work through JOB LEADER is the continuous support of our consultants. After you reply, wait for a phone call during which you will be given initial information about the company you have shown interest in including some additional information.

Step 3

Prepare yourself to shine in interview

We help you with your C.V. so that it stands out to an employer and helps show your value to the employer. We will meet and give you some useful tips for personal interviews. We are in your hands for the whole hiring process. Of course, all of these services are free of charge and of exceptional quality thanks to our ISO certification.

And it is done!

Nice to meet you

Jiří Petrík

Managing Director

Every new adventure, no matter how long, begins with a single step. I’m very happy that your journey to a better career starts here with us. JOBLEADER has been helping to connect ambitious and suitable employees and successful companies for more than 15 years. Modern times bring many challenges and opportunities that both employers and employees can profit from. We are happy to guide you through these changes. We have a lot of experience and thanks to domestic Czech management we are able to react to our clients‘ specific requirements in a changing market. The ISO certification helps us . This certification was the result of a great deal of hard work by the whole company which had to go through a thorough process of checks and audit which carried us successfully to accreditation. For clients, this accreditaion means above all a transparent process, the elimination of mistakes, effective work and a guaranteed way of working. Simply said: a much higher quality of service. JOBLEADER will always be a place for anyone who wants to work on their success, appreciates fair play and is not afraid of challenges connected with hard work. We are here for skilled and creative people. We will be an excellent partner whether you are a company o ran individual looking for a dream job.

I wish you great success and if you choose JOB LEADER I look forward to our journey together.

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