Gone are the days when employers spend their much time doing things that had nothing to do with their business. Such activities, simply put, always were, are and will be ineffective.
Our key mission is to seek and contact prospective employees based upon a set of predefined requirements in the field of education, work experience and ability designed to guarantee outstanding work results. We are fully aware that to be successful, a candidate must possess a certain level of uniqueness. Therefore, we built on a 100 % reliable and tested know-how providing a highly effective tool of staff recruiting for our clients. Precious time saved as well as quick coordination between our clients and candidates come as a matter of course.
We offer a network of branches in the Czech Republic and one branch in Slovakia. This allows us to reach out to prospective candidates looking for a new job.

Key reasons to choose JOB LEADER:

  • Our database is regularly updated by our team
  • Interconnected system merging the individual branches
  • We currently administer over 190,000 résumés
  • Quick response to the ever changing demands of the market
  • Selecting candidates via key channels (internal database, web, major job sites, press, social networks, work references, personal contacts etc.)

Stages and course of collaboration:

  1. defining detailed requirements so that only candidates complying as much as possible with the requirements of your company are contacted (the more specific the criteria the greater our ability to send suitable candidates)
  2. selecting from our internal database (currently consisting of more than 70,000 candidates) and other resources, contacting compatible candidates
  3. phone and personal interview with selected candidates or choosing candidates from already active employees of our company
  4. sending candidates preselected by our company
  5. feedback regarding the candidates given by your company, arranging a personal interview with approved candidates at your firm
  6. personal interview with a candidate at your firm (procuring references for selected candidates from previous employers by our company)
  7. feedback after the interview – carry on with the negotiations/abort, accepted/rejected etc.
  8. candidate starts working – our company issues an invoice
  9. three months’ guarantee for the candidate
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