Outplacement regards expert care for employees, who lost their jobs. Losing work is an unpleasant, yet commonplace, event in the labor market. Therefore, companies aim to decrease the negative impact of staff reduction on both the leaving and remaining employees.
This service has individual or group application. Losing job is a sensitive matter requiring personal contact between the leaving employee and a specialized assistant, such as consultant or psychologist. Their main objective is to help the employee orientate in the labor market as soon as possible, advise them as to the most appropriate course of action, instruct them on writing a résumé, give them interview tips and generally encourage the employee while at the same time informing them about all the options nowadays available.
This task is usually carried out by HR companies, which can help the leaving employee find a job with their clients as long as the profile of the employee matches the profile of the vacancy managed by the HR company. HR companies also usually have the latest information on the state of the labor market, it being their everyday working environment. Simply put, the objective is to soften the experience of being fired, accepting and coming to terms with the fact and coping with the new situation both for the leaving and staying employees.
This, too, is a part of our expertise. We offer services of the highest quality and professionalism.
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