Services for you

Looking to discreetly recruit a new worker for your team?

Need to select the best candidate quickly, yet at the same time carefully?

Tired of reading résumés? It is simple, just try us – you will not be sorry.

Plus, we pay for all the costs of searching for and contacting candidates up to the point of the selected candidate actually starting to work. 

Our company does not specialize in any narrow field. We offer our services in a wide range of areas. There are, however, fields where our penetration is more significant and our clients more numerous, including especially:
  • logistics (logistician, forwarder, warehouseman, driver (international truck transport, domestic truck transport, C etc.), dispatcher, logistics manager, production supervisor, warehouse supervisor, production manager etc.)
  • finance, bookkeeping, marketing (invoice clerk, specialized accountant, wage accountant, financial controller, general accountant, chief accountant, CFO, marketing specialist, SEO optimization specialist etc.)
  • technology, electrical technology and mechanics (production operator, electrician, electrical technician, head assistant, technician of electrical technology, assembly technician, electrical engineer, Simatic programmer, development engineer, CTO…)
  • industry, heavy engineering, automotive (welder, locksmith, production operator, maintenance, lathe operator, tool and die maker, CNC operator (cutter, lathe), machinist, CNC programmer, production planner, technologist, production supervisor, procedural engineer, quality engineer…)
  • construction (bricklayer, tile layer, carpenter, cost clerk, budgeter, site manager, site foreman, technical manager, agent…)
  • healthcare and pharmacy (agent – dental, laboratories, pharmacies, Product manager, Purchaser, Brand manager, nurse, physician…)
  • waste management and greenery maintenance (gardener, manual worker, waste management supervisor…)
  • retail (head assistant, agent, regional manager, business manager, purchaser…)
  • administration (administrative positions are staffed with more or less all our clients
  • and other fields in a slightly lesser scope)

What you gain with us:

  • time saved
  • choice from adequate candidates meeting the defined criteria
  • more detailed information about recommended candidates thanks to psychological profiles
  • certainty that the candidates are checked regarding their experience and skills but also special abilities necessary to perform the assigned job
  • possibility to verify work experience  of selected candidates
  • guarantee for recommended workers up to the duration of probationary period
  • chance to contact a vast number of candidates via ads on HR servers
  • discrete selection
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