Assessment Center (AC)

Assessment Center is one of the most effective modern methods of selecting from candidates. AC is designed especially for management and business positions or for selecting key collaborators. Assessment Center allows you to check a candidate’s response to specific working conditions, asses the candidate’s teamwork skills, leadership potential, performance orientation, negotiation skills, stress resistance etc. To select the best candidate for a given position, we define key competences that a candidate must possess. The candidates then go through a number of model situations, both individually and as members of a group, spread throughout the day and designed to test their skills, negotiation style, character etc. The expert Assessment Center allows testing both external and internal candidates and forming an added-value basis for your decision, thus eliminating costs resulting from employing an unsuitable candidate. Assessment Center outputs have the form of individual final reports outlining the character and potential of each candidate and, where applicable, also a group report comparing the individual candidates with each other. The aim is to give easy to understand recommendations, identify room for improvement and define possible risks in relation to both the job and corporate culture of your company. The reports are drafted as individual reports designed for the management or HR experts of your company and can serve as basis for further development of selected candidates. In the Assessment Center, the candidates are exposed to various model situations relevant for their future work, both individually and as members of a group.

Development Center (DC)

Development Center is similar to the Assessment Center and uses the same methods. The difference is that the assessed factor is the potential of existing employees. The output produced by the Development Center consists of individual reports similar to those generated by the Assessment Center and general reports describing the team/group as a whole. The individual report generated by the Development Center differs from the one generated by the Assessment Center especially when it comes to its focus. The report from the Development Center is prepared for each employee and focuses especially on weak and strong points and suggested ways of improvement either by training or “just in time” development. The report generated by the Development Center is designed for the participants to be used during the concluding interview to clarify details and start the desired reformation. Also, the report serves the management and HR of a company as basis for targeted employee development.  The general report is designed for HR experts, management and direct supervisors, describing general trends and tendencies observed in the examined team or group.
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